Precision Medicine in Clinical Trials Virtual Summit

March 16, 2021
10:25 am - 12:10 pm

Join the Precision Medicine in Clinical Trials Virtual Summit to hear leaders from academia, biotech, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, clinical research, healthcare and regulatory bodies on this topic!

If you are a clinical trial investigator, clinical scientist, practicing clinician, or in regulatory affairs, you cannot miss line-up of speakers who will address these points and more:

The Future of Decentralized Research: Collaboration for Adoption
Craig Lipset, MPH, Advisor and Founder, Clinical Innovation Partners
A Regulatory Perspective of Decentralized Clinical Trials in the Era of Precision Medicine

Isaac R. Rodriguez-Chavez, PhD, MHS, MS, Senior Vice President, Scientific and Clinical Affairs, Global Center of Excellence for Decentralized Clinical Trials, PRA Health Sciences