Determine the 3rd party vendor and platform of best fit for you

Is this company local or remote?

What is the company structure?

  • The following team infrastructure is ideal:
    • Project/Product management
    • User interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design
    • Software development
    • Hardware development
    • Quality assurance testing

What areas  of expertise will your project require from the 3rd party vendor?

  • Usability testing
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UE)  design
  • Mobile app and web development
  • Backend database and server set-up and management
  • Applied programming interface (API) set-up and management
  • State of the art technology features:
    • Geofencing
    • Sensor integration
    • Machine learning / Deep learning
  • Data analysis
  • Contract research organization (CRO) services
    • Study management of the technology
    • Regulatory compliance of the systems and procedures related to the technology

How much relevant experience does the 3rd party vendor have?

How long as the product been on the market?

  • The more established, the more relevant work experience the company can provide – the better.
  • What is the company’s software development life cycle?
    • Meaning, what is their system for development and testing of a product?
  • How frequently do their products require bug fixes and updates?
    • Frequent bug fixes is concerning.
    • The more frequently the platform is updated, the more risk of introducing bugs?
  • What compliance standards are met in the design of the platform?

    Review the platform cost model

    Are you building a new platform?

    • Create a master services agreement and scope of work with the 3rd party vendor to determine the project deliverables, timeline, and cost.
      • Establish ownership.
      • Agree to hourly rate / cost modeling, deliverables, and the time it takes to provide the deliverables at the agreed upon cost.

    Are you using or licensing an existing platform?

    • Are you using an established platform “as-is”?
    • Are you tailoring an existing platform to meet your study needs?
    • Either way, you will need to complete a license agreement and scope of work with the 3rd party vendor to determine the project deliverables, timeline, and cost.

    Review the platform privacy policy

    • If you are building a new platform with the vendor, determine who will write the privacy policy?
    • Ensure the privacy policy meet regulatory standards that govern the study.

    Determine what services are offered by the 3rd party vendor

    • Training to use the mHealth platform
    • Product maintenance for updates and bugs associated with the platform
    • Database and server set-up and management
    • Data monitoring