Ginger Nicol, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Director of the mHRC

Dr. Nicol is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the MHRC. She also Co-Directs the Healthy Mind Lab with Dr. Eric Lenze, where they conduct clinical studies to develop and test treatments that promote wellness and longevity across the lifespan. Dr. Nicol’s research focuses on characterizing and reducing obesity and cardiometabolic risk in mentally ill youth, adults and older adults. Some examples include: conducting gold-standard metabolic assessments to understand how some psychiatric medications increase weight and diabetes risk; adapting evidence-based behavioral treatments for mentally ill populations; developing and testing mHealth approaches to obesity prevention and health behavior promotion in youth and young adults with early-onset psychiatric disorders. Dr. Nicol is board certified in General Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry, and is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. Her role in the MHRC is to guide and support the development of digital resources for investigators in the mHealth space, and to provide consultation to investigators at all stages of the mHealth research cycle.