Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft, PhD, FAED, LP

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Director of the mHRC

Dr. Fitzsimmons-Craft is a licensed clinical psychologist. Her research centers on the use of technology for bridging the wide research-practice and treatment gaps for eating disorders and other serious mental illnesses. She is a current recipient of a National Institute of Mental Health Career Development Award in this space and was selected as a Scholar for the 2019 NIH mHealth Training Institute, an incubator for advancing mHealth research that will result in practical healthcare solutions with societal impact. Dr. Fitzsimmons-Craft is well known for her work collaborating with industry and other partners (e.g., non-profit organizations) to conduct innovative mHealth research and rapidly translate that work to practice, creating real impact.  As a faculty lead in mHRC, she will participate in mHealth consultations and co-oversee the vision and execution of all activates of the core.