The MHRC offers the following services:

📅MHRC Meetings

Please attend and/or present!  Every 6 to 8 weeks the MHRC meets on the WUSM campus. You are welcome to attend and come and go as your schedule allows. There is always an opportunity to present, the following presentations are welcome:

📲Resource Presentation

Resource presentations are 15 minutes and describe a University or 3rd party service available to help push forward mHealth research.

🔬Project Presentation

Project presentations are 15 minutes and focused on currently funded mHealth research projects.  The intent is to share in successes to foster new ideas and future collaboration.

💡Review Presentation

Review presentations are about 10 minutes. Typically researchers use this time to discuss a “Big Picture” idea, strategize an AIMS page and receive constructive feedback.


Let us know about your mHealth research idea or project. A member of the mHealth Research Core may meet with you or connect you to an expert in field of technology, regulatory, legal (IP) or science.

🛠️Navigation Tools

The mHealth Research Core (mHRC) continues to generate navigation tools based upon the identified needs of researchers.